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License-This product is free to any individual for educational use, personal entertainment or utility. Any other use of this program, including business or corporate use is strictly prohibited unless proper license has been issued to the company or individual.

Publisher: Alan Chavis


Before describe this program it seems relevant to mention that familiar for many users World Wide Web is only a part of Internet. Another big and older part is FTP world that is a real depot of tremendous amount of various information that frequently is inaccessible from WWW world, because FTP and WWW worlds use different types of protocols, so to enjoy all benefits of FTP world you need a special kind of software usually known as FTP client.
FTP Explorer is one of the most popular FTP clients. With this program you can download or upload files to one or more servers while browsing and selecting files to transfer on another. FTP Explorer handles all file transfer requests in the background, so you don't have to wait while files copy to continue browsing the current server. You can even connect to a different server, and the program will automatically log off of the original server once the requested transfer has completed. FTP Explorer will automatically retry if the connection attempt fails. You can configure the number of times it should try to connect, and the time delay between connection attempts. Program also attempts to resume a file transfer if it detects a file with the same name in the current download directory. (Note: not all ftp servers support this option.)  FTP Explorer can automatically download and display the proper description of each file with the file that it describes. As an option, the program will automatically download the index file on the server and display the file descriptions next to the appropriate files while you browse. Several standard index file formats are currently supported. The Quick Connect option lets you immediately connect to a site without having to go through the usual song-and-dance of adding a site to the profile list.
Full Drag and Drop support. Simply drag one or more files or complete directory structures onto the FTP Explorer's file view area to transfer them to the location of the server that is currently connected. Receiving files is also as simple as dragging one or more files (or directories) onto your desktop, or any other folder.
Support for fpArchie is also included with FTP Explorer (take a look at fpArchie).

                                                                                                                     For more info and free download go to developer site FTP Explorer

Free download also available from Cnet.com

License-This product is free for non-commercial use.

Publisher: fpWare (link N/A)


Archie is a search engine that searches indexes of files available from multitudes of FTP sites around the world. fpArchie let you explore ftp servers database to find huge amount of information including music files, software, various research materials and more. Remember that WEB world is only a part of Internet, and frequently you can find in FTP world a lot of things that never appear in the WWW world. fpArchie is an Internet client that runs on your computer and uses the Archie Servers as client-server communication via the Prospero protocol. To use it all you need to do is install and run the program, input your query and select appropriate Archie server from drop-down menu. When searching is done you can retrieve results in some cases directly in some cases using FTP explorer. Direct access to fpArchie from FTP explorer could be found in Tools-Find-Files in Internet menu.
General way to use fpArchie with any FTP client is to enter full path of item that you searched and found by fpArchie into FTP client connect and download settings.
1.fpArchie09b is beta-version developed for early Windows 95, so if you have later Windows version in some cases you can experience problems with running this program.
2.Archie servers frequently are not responding because they are busy, processing a lot of previous queries, so be patient and keep trying.

                                                                                                                   Free download available from

If you have installed FlashGet just click on the link above and download will start automatically.

Also you can download fpArchie using FTP client. Just enter the URL above in accordance with instructions of your software. FTP client will open for you catalog of ftp.euro.net server where you need to open in sequence folders:
d6(main)/winsock-l/ Windows95/ Archie/ fpar09b1 .zip